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It is often hard to image what your body may look like after surgery but at Lipo Surgeon our clinic is equipped with the latest Vectra – XT 3D imaging equipment which will create an image of the area to be treated and in discussion with the patient the surgeon will agree what outcome the patient desires and model that on the system. This allows the Liposuction surgeon to decide best treatment method to achieve this.

In our before & after gallery we have shown a range of picture showing what can be achieved for both male and female patients across a range of body areas.

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Lipo Surgeon offers one the most comprehensive range of Liposuction techniques in the UK...

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"Quick and easy, felt safe and confident with Vivek and Andy. The procedure itself was fine and the staff were wonderful when I was in recovery room at the clinic. No after effects as local anasthetic and sedation was used and made my recovery very quick."

AH – Liposuction – Sept 2014

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