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Types of Liposuction


Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo is performed by inserting a small cannula (needle) and powerful laser into the body which allows precise targeting of even the smallest body area. This means the surgeon can target pockets of fat that would otherwise be untreatable with traditional liposuction.

The laser not only melts the fat and facilitates its removal; it also causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately which reduces bruising and the chance of blood loss. Finally, the laser light stimulates collagen retraction and skin tightening which are optimal for shrinking the skin once fat has been melted and removed. Smart Lipo is often used in conjunction with cellulite treatments and can be used with only local anaesthetic and sedation, which reduces patient health complications from general anaesthetic and allows the treatment to be done as a day case avoiding a one or two night stay in hospital.

What is really important here is that different laser wavelengths when combined help achieve optimal results. One specific wavelength is known to be excellent at liquefying fat cells while another is known to be the best for stimulating collagen rejuvenation.

The Smart Lipo Triplex combines three different wavelengths of laser light hence the name Triplex and this combination offers the most powerful absorption of fatty tissues. Also as mentioned above the process results in a smoother skin texture in and around the area that has been treated.

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Lipo Before and After images

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